Image Analyst MKII provides complex image processing tasks in a biologist-friendly manner.

Fluorescence microscopy image analysis
automation - time series - physiology

Advanced Biological Image Processing

Image Analyst MKII provides tools both for routine manual and robust automated analysis of fluorescence time-lapse microscopic recordings. Most of the functionalities highlighted below are also incorporated into ready-to-use pipelines.

Time lapse graphing, fluorescence ratio graphing, potentiometric calibration, and specific cell and mitochondrial physiology assays distinguish Image Analyst MKII from available free software. Compare to ImageJ and Cellprofiler.


How to analyze your recordings

One-of-a-kind specialty algorithms

  • Mitochondrial swelling assay using optimized spatial filtering (described: 6, used: 11, 22)
  • Organelle motion assay using optical flow (7)
  • Absolute millivolts calibration of mitochondrial membrane potential (described: 17, used: 10, 14, 26, protocol: 61)
  • Mitochondria:cell volume fraction assay with confocal microscopy (described: 17 , used: 13, 14, 21, 24, 26, protocol: 61)

Algorithms developed to evaluate mitochondrial physiology by Dr. Gerencser and colleagues have been implemented to Image Analyst MKII: