Image Analyst MKII provides complex image processing tasks in a biologist-friendly manner.

Fluorescence microscopy image analysis
automation - time series - physiology

View and analyze most microscopy image files in their native formats

Our philosophy is to work on microscopy data that was recorded and archived in its native format. Image Analyst MKII provides manual or pipeline-based processing for visualization and analysis of these recordings. The "internal reader" is speed optimized and accurately reads time stamps from *.nd, *.nd2, *.lsm, *.inf and *.tif files. The internal TIF folder reader allows a pattern-based reconstruction of larger multi-dimensional image data sets. Image Analyst MKII also imports and exports common video formats. The Bio-formats reader provides a broad microscopy format compatibility.

System requirements

  • Operating system:  Windows 7 to 10,  32 or 64-bit (64-bit for the 64-bit version)
  • Memory: 2GB on 32-bit systems; 16GB recommended for 64-bit systems.
  • Hard disk space: 200MB
  • CPU: Intel Pentium class processor or compatible, ideally multi-core.
  • Microsoft Office (Excel 32-bit; tested with 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016/365, 2019 with compatibility display setting)

Compatible image formats (with internal reader)

  • Metamorph (*.stk, *.nd)
  • Metafluor (*.inf)
  • NIS Nikon Elements (*.nd2)
  • Zeiss Zen LSM (*.lsm)
  • BD Pathway (Experiment.exp)
  • BioTek TIFF folder (select "Folder of TIFF files")
  • Folders of TIFF files organized into data sets, positions, channels, time points and z.
  • Olympus Fluoview TIFF (multiple files)
  • Slidebook tif export (multiple files or stacks)
  • 8, 12 and 16 bit gray scale LZW compressed or uncompressed tifs and tif stacks
  • 24 and 48 bit RGB Tif LZW compressed or uncompressed
  • AVI files - using codecs installed in Windows

Image and video formats through integrated FFMPEG library (import and export)

  • *.MOV; *.MP4; *.MPEG; *.MPG; *.JPG; *.TIF; *.MKV; *.AVI; *.3GP; *.ASF; *.AVM; *.AVS; *.DAT; *.FLV; *.NSV; *.OGM; *.RM; *.RMVB; *.TP; *.TS; *.VOB; *.WMV;

Compatible image formats (using Bio-formats  6.2.0)

Adobe Photoshop (*.psd), Adobe Photoshop TIFF (*.tif; *.tiff), AIM (*.aim), Alicona AL3D (*.al3d), Amersham Biosciences GEL (*.gel), Amira (*.am; *.amiramesh; *.grey; *.hx; *.labels), Analyze 7.5 (*.img; *.hdr), Andor SIF (*.sif), Animated PNG (*.png), Aperio AFI (*.afi), Aperio SVS (*.svs), ARF (*.arf), Audio Video Interleave (*.avi), BD Pathway (*.exp; *.tif), Bio-Rad GEL (*.1sc), Bio-Rad PIC (*.pic; *.xml; *.raw), Bio-Rad SCN (*.scn), Bitplane Imaris (*.ims), Bitplane Imaris 3 (TIFF) (*.ims), Bitplane Imaris 5.5 (HDF) (*.ims), Bruker (*.), Burleigh (*.img), Canon RAW (*.cr2; *.crw; *.jpg; *.thm; *.wav), CellH5 (HDF) (*.ch5), Cellomics C01 (*.c01; *.dib), CellSens VSI (*.vsi; *.ets), CellVoyager (*.tif; *.xml), CellWorx (*.pnl; *.htd; *.log), Compix Simple-PCI (*.cxd), Deltavision (*.dv; *.r3d; *.r3d_d3d; *.dv.log; *.r3d.log), DICOM (*.dic; *.dcm; *.dicom; *.jp2; *.j2ki; *.j2kr; *.raw; *.ima), DNG (*.cr2; *.crw; *.jpg; *.thm; *.wav; *.tif; *.tiff), ECAT7 (*.v), Encapsulated PostScript (*.eps; *.epsi; *.ps), Evotec Flex (*.flex; *.mea; *.res), FEI TIFF (*.tif; *.tiff), FEI/Philips (*.img), File pattern (*.pattern), Flexible Image Transport System (*.fits; *.fts), FlowSight (*.cif), Fuji LAS 3000 (*.img; *.inf), Gatan Digital Micrograph (*.dm3; *.dm4), Gatan DM2 (*.dm2), Graphics Interchange Format (*.gif), Hamamatsu Aquacosmos (*.naf), Hamamatsu HIS (*.his), Hamamatsu NDPI (*.ndpi), Hamamatsu NDPIS (*.ndpis), Hamamatsu VMS (*.vms), Hitachi (*.txt), I2I (*.i2i), Imacon (*.fff), Image Cytometry Standard (*.ics; *.ids), Image-Pro Sequence (*.seq), Image-Pro Workspace (*.ipw), IMAGIC (*.hed; *.img), IMOD (*.mod), Improvision TIFF (*.tif; *.tiff), InCell 1000/2000 (*.xdce; *.xml; *.tiff; *.tif; *.xlog), InCell 3000 (*.frm), INR (*.inr), Inveon (*.hdr), IPLab (*.ipl), IVision (*.ipm), JEOL (*.dat; *.img; *.par), JPEG (*.jpg; *.jpeg; *.jpe), JPEG-2000 (*.jp2; *.j2k; *.jpf), JPK Instruments (*.jpk), JPX (*.jpx), Khoros XV (*.xv), Kodak Molecular Imaging (*.bip), Laboratory Imaging (*.lim), Lavision Imspector (*.msr), Leica Application Suite (*.lei; *.tif; *.tiff; *.raw), Leica Image File Format (*.lif), Leica SCN (*.scn), Leica TCS TIFF (*.tif; *.tiff; *.xml), LEO (*.sxm; *.tif; *.tiff), Li-Cor L2D (*.l2d; *.scn; *.tif), LI-FLIM (*.fli), Medical Research Council (*.mrc; *.st; *.ali; *.map; *.rec; *.mrcs), Metamorph STK (*.stk; *.nd; *.tif; *.tiff), Metamorph TIFF (*.tif; *.tiff), MIAS (*.tif; *.tiff; *.txt), Micro-Manager (*.tif; *.tiff; *.txt; *.xml), MINC MRI (*.mnc), Minolta MRW (*.mrw), Molecular Imaging (*.stp), Multiple-image Network Graphics (*.mng), NIfTI (*.nii; *.img; *.hdr; *.nii.gz), Nikon Elements TIFF (*.tif; *.tiff), Nikon ND2 (*.nd2), Nikon NEF (*.nef; *.tif; *.tiff), Nikon TIFF (*.tif; *.tiff), NOAA-HRD Gridded Data Format (*.), NRRD (*.nrrd; *.nhdr), OBF (*.obf; *.msr), Olympus APL (*.apl; *.tnb; *.mtb; *.tif), Olympus Fluoview/ABD TIFF (*.tif; *.tiff), Olympus FV1000 (*.oib; *.oif; *.pty; *.lut), Olympus OIR (*.oir), Olympus ScanR (*.dat; *.xml; *.tif), Olympus SIS TIFF (*.tif; *.tiff), Olympus Slidebook (*.sld; *.spl), OME-TIFF (*.ome.tiff; *.ome.tif; *.ome.tf2; *.ome.tf8; *.ome.btf; *.companion.ome), OME-XML (*.ome; *.ome.xml), Openlab LIFF (*.liff), Openlab RAW (*.raw), Oxford Instruments (*.top), PCO-RAW (*.pcoraw; *.rec), PCX (*.pcx), Perkin Elmer Densitometer (*.hdr; *.img), PerkinElmer (*.ano; *.cfg; *.csv; *.htm; *.rec; *.tim; *.zpo; *.tif), PerkinElmer Columbus (*.xml), Perkin-Elmer Nuance IM3 (*.im3), PerkinElmer Operetta (*.tif; *.tiff; *.xml), PicoQuant Bin (*.bin), PICT (*.pict; *.pct), Portable Any Map (*.pbm; *.pgm; *.ppm), POV-Ray (*.df3), Prairie TIFF (*.tif; *.tiff; *.cfg; *.env; *.xml), Princeton Instruments SPE (*.spe), Pyramid TIFF (*.tif; *.tiff), Quesant AFM (*.afm), QuickTime (*.mov), RHK Technologies (*.sm2; *.sm3), SBIG (*.), Seiko (*.xqd; *.xqf), SimplePCI TIFF (*.tif; *.tiff), Simulated data (*.fake), Slidebook TIFF (*.tif; *.tiff), SM Camera (*.), SPC FIFO Data (*.spc; *.set), SPCImage Data (*.sdt), SPIDER (*.spi), Tagged Image File Format (*.tif; *.tiff; *.tf2; *.tf8; *.btf), Text (*.txt; *.csv), TillVision (*.vws; *.pst; *.inf), TopoMetrix (*.tfr; *.ffr; *.zfr; *.zfp; *.2fl), Trestle (*.tif), Truevision Targa (*.tga), UBM (*.pr3), Unisoku STM (*.hdr; *.dat), Varian FDF (*.fdf), Veeco (*.hdf), VG SAM (*.dti), Visitech XYS (*.xys; *.html), Volocity Library (*.mvd2; *.aisf; *.aiix; *.dat; *.atsf), Volocity Library Clipping (*.acff), WA Technology TOP (*.wat), Windows Bitmap (*.bmp), Woolz (*.wlz), Zeiss AxioVision TIFF (*.tif; *.xml), Zeiss Zen CZI (*.czi), Zeiss Laser-Scanning Microscopy (*.lsm; *.mdb), Zeiss LMS (*.lms), Zeiss Vision Image (ZVI) (*.zvi), Zip (*.zip)