Fluorescence microscopy image analysis
automation - time series - physiology

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Updates are fully compatible with all earlier versions. Installing a new version of Image Analyst MKII will not affect previously used function and pipeline parameter settings. Existing pipelines will keep on resulting the same data after the update. To update Image Analyst MKII simply download and install the latest version above.

64-bit or 32-bit? If you have 64-bit Windows, use the 64-bit version. It offers working with larger data sets and opening images with Bio-Formats faster. If you use Image Analyst MKII with Excel, the 32-bit version of Microsoft Office is required regardless the version of Image Analyst MKII. In some systems Excel may not work with the 64-bit Image Analyst MKII, in this case try the 32-bit version. Both 32-bit and 64-bit Image Analyst MKII can be run on the same computer, with the same license.

Image Analyst MKII is for research purposes only and not for diagnostic use.

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New in V3.5:
  • New functions:
    • Windows 64-bit version for working with image series up to the size of physical memory and ca. 22k x 22k pixel image size
    • Organize technical and experimental replicates of time courses directly in Graphpad Prism files
    • Interactive primer including analysis protocols
    • Conditionals in pipelines ( If, IfValue, Select and Endif)
    • Segment welding
    • Add scale bar to images
    • Multiple select in Pipeline window, copy-paste entire pipelines with pipeline parameters and related evaluated expressions.
    • Compatibility with regional settings using comma as decimal separator
    • Blinded stage positions
    • Additional parameters for plotting intensities, tracking parameters; spherical mean intensity classifier
    • Convenience features
      • File naming helper buttons: add measurement, position or pipeline names from save dialogs to file names
      • Switch between recent pipelines and functions from context menu
      • Improvements to the Membrane Potential Calibration Wizard user interface
      • Send to Excel or to Prism from Plot Window context menu
  • Pipelines
    • Improved segmentation of cells or nuclei
    • Various options for local, image or frame-by-frame  background subtraction in fluorescence intensity and ratio measurement pipelines 
  • Improved functions:
    • Improved Excel handling
    • Improved multi-display multi-DPI behavior
    • Altogether over 100 improvements
  • 3.5.1 hotfix
    • Improved Primer Window and Excel Data Window behavior
    • Fixed sizing of property bar items
    • Improved file date and time reading
    • The occasional  "kernel32.dll" or "nt.dll" crash has been fixed
    • Altogether 26 smaller improvements
  • 3.5.3 update
    • About 20 improvements
  • 3.5.5 update
    • New interactive protocols and revised related to the mitochondrial membrane potential assay: spectral crossbleed and activity coefficient ratio calculation.
    • Debris masking and recalculation in volume fractionator protocol.
    • About 17 improvements for smoother operation.
  • 3.5.6 update
    • New ΔψP calibration methods: "Goldman" and "Iterative"
    • Other enhancements to the Membrane Potential Calibration Wizard:
      • Estimation of residual spectral crossbleed
      • Flipping y-axis on potential graphs
      • White background plots
      • Showing calculated parameters in the Wizard tab
    • DPI aware plot trace thickness
    • Batch processing of multiple image data sets with different pipelines and pipeline parameters (see Tools menu)
    • 2 new pipelines (ΔψM calibration variants)