Fluorescence microscopy image analysis
automation - time series - physiology

Download Image Analyst MKII

Fully functional 30-day trial version is available for download. Licensed customers please use the same link, and use your license key to permanently unlock the product.

Note to users with non-English Windows: number format settings using comma as decimal cause faulty operation of certain pipelines. To avoid this, please set the "Format" in "Change date, time, or number formats" (or its equivalent in your language) in the Windows Control Panel to "English (United States)". If you have used Image Analyst MKII before with comma as decimal please erase the Documents\Image Analyst\Pipelines folder to reset pipelines. This problem will be fixed in the next version.

Updates are fully compatible with all earlier versions. Installing a new version of Image Analyst MKII will not affect previously used function and pipeline parameter settings. Existing pipelines will keep on resulting the same data after the update. To update Image Analyst MKII simply download and install the latest version above.

Image Analyst MKII is for research purposes only and not for diagnostic use.

We strive for your security and privacy:

  • The installer is digitally signed by "Image Analyst Software"
  • The site is daily anti-virus scanned (see SiteLock logo below)
  • Your connection is SSL encrypted.
  • Image Analyst MKII does not collect any user data. See Privacy Policy.
Prerequisites - consider these if having trouble running the software

To use Image Analyst MKII with Bio-Formats:

  • The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) needs to be installed on your computer. Download JRE for Windows 32-bit (x86) from Oracle (Chose Windows Offline).
  • The Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package x86, so the 32-bit version may need to be installed. Download and install it only if "Open Image with Bio-Formats" does not result in an open dialog popping up when the JRE is already installed. Download it from Microsoft.

New in V3.2.0:
  • New functions:
    • High DPI and 4K display support, support of differing scaling between displays
    • TIFF folder open: flexible open method for folders with many TIFF files or multi-dimensional data sets organized into folders of many TIFF files
    • Opening of BD Pathway recordings
    • Measurement of distance of segments from ROI (Plot type:'Each') or from other segments (Distance from Segments function)
  • Improved functions:
    • Improved Excel Data Window behavior
    • Improvements in opening AVI files
    • Opening Metafluor files with numbers only extensions
    • File creation time is used to establish time axis if TIFF metadata is missing
    • Smarter detection of well names in position names (for all file types)
  • Other changes:
    • 23 other minor improvements or fixes