Image Analyst MKII provides complex image processing tasks in a biologist-friendly manner.

Fluorescence microscopy image analysis
automation - time series - physiology

Video Tutorials

Image Analyst MKII Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

See Image Analyst MKII in action, analyzing Ca2+, reactive oxygen species, mitochondrial membrane potential and more!


Tutorial Data Sets

Image Analyst MKII Video Tutorials Data Sets

Tutorial Data Sets

Fluorescence microscopy time-lapse recordings for practicing select analyses

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Image Analyst MKII Protocols


Protocols explaining experimental design, microscopy setup and image analysis

Protocols area


Novel fluorescence microscopic assays for mitochondrial swelling, transport and membrane potentials in adherent cultured cells (Poster at Mitochondrial Biology Symposium:   Advances in Mitochondrial Dynamics and  Mitochondrial-Cytosolic Communications May 16-17, 2011) DOWNLOAD PDF (2 MB)

Scalable Fluorescence Microscopic Assays for Mitochondrial Physiology   (Poster at Experimental Biology 2012 Apr 21-25, San Diego) DOWNLOAD PDF (6 MB)