Image Analyst MKII provides complex image processing tasks in a biologist-friendly manner.

Fluorescence microscopy image analysis
automation - time series - physiology

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IA-AC-SINGLE single license, academic Product page
IA-AC-SITE site license, academic Product page
IA-IN-SINGLE single license, for-profit Product page
IA-IN-SITE site license, for-profit Product page

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Image Analyst MKII licensing

Image Analyst MKII as downloaded and installed runs in fully-functional evaluation mode for 30 days. A valid license is required to run Image Analyst MKII beyond 30 days.

License types:

Image Analyst MKII is licensed on per workstation basis. The licensee is provided by one or multiple license keys depending on the type of license. The license key is exclusive for a specific workstation, and permanently unlocks the software. Image Analyst MKII is for research purposes only.

Single license
One license key is issued for a single workstation. However, the license key will be reissued for another workstation if the previous installation is not anymore operational or has been removed.
Site license
The number of license keys provided is not limited, as long as the software is installed on computers used for work performed for the licensee's organization.
What does the software license provide?

Licensed users have access to all features, pipelines and assay protocols included into Image Analyst MKII.

The issued license key is valid for the current version of Image Analyst MKII in the time of the purchase, and unlocks the product permanently. The license key is also valid for any updates or upgrades released within a year from the purchase. In the case of hardware failure or uninstalling the product from one computer, and re-installing on another one, replacement license key will be issued to the licensee.

The licensee is also eligible for technical support and bug-fix requests within this period. Eligibility for updates or upgrades, technical support and bug-fix requests can be renewed on yearly basis by purchasing Software Maintenance plan.

How does the license key work?

Licensees must request a license key for each workstation to unlock Image Analyst MKII. Upon completed payment or placed purchase order and for already licensed users the license keys are provided in e-mail.

Step-by-step instructions for licensed users:

  • Download and install evaluation version.

  • In the welcome screen or in the dialog appearing after clicking the Help/About menu item click the Enter License button

  • Note the “Machine ID”.

  • Email “Machine ID” and your Image Analyst MKII license number to

  • A License Key will be returned.

  • Start Image Analyst MKII by right clicking the icon and selecting "Run as administrator". Note this is required only for entering the license and only on Win 7 and above.

  • In the welcome screen or in the dialog appearing by clicking the Help/About menu item click the Enter License button

  • Copy-paste the License Key and click “Store License”. This permanently unlocks the software on the given computer. The licensee is eligible for replacement License Key if Image Analyst MKII is uninstalled from the licensed computer and installed on another or if the “Machine ID” changes due to hardware configuration change.