Image Analyst MKII provides complex image processing tasks in a biologist-friendly manner.

Fluorescence microscopy image analysis
automation - time series - physiology

Fluorescence  Microscopy time-lapse analysis made easy

   Image Analyst MKII is an image analysis platform for microscopy in biomedical sciences, with an emphasis on time-lapse analysis and microplate automation.

    Image Analyst MKII extracts graphs of biological parameters from time-lapse image sequences, like ion concentrations, membrane potentials, organelle shape changes and motion in live specimens. It performs measurements in nuclei or cells with segmentation or ROIs in images from fixed specimens.

   It is ideal for processing recordings with complexity ranging from single frames to multi-dimensional data sets and organize technical and experimental replicates straight in Graphpad Prism or in Microsoft Excel.

Interactive analysis protocols

   Image analysis cannot be simpler than using our interactive protocols. Biologists new to microscopic image analysis can get to routine quickly by clicking each step and watching the application performing the analysis. Ready-to-go interactive analysis protocols included for cell counting, cytometry, histometry, intensity and ratio time courses and more ...

Interactive protocol
Fluorescence microscopy and mitochndrial assays

Cell and mitochondrial
physiology and cytometry assays

   Image Analyst MKII supports a range of fluorescence and bright field microscopic assays by generic protocols for data recording on typical microscopy systems and specific analysis protocols ranging from cell counting to ion concentrations, potentials and motility, using pre-configured pipelines accessible from interactive assay protocols or by menu selection. Analysis pipelines are applicable to wide field (epi-) fluorescence, confocal and two-photon microscopy.

Mitochondrial membrane potential assay
Mitochondrial membrane potential
measurment in absolute millivolts

   Turn fluorescence recordings of potentiometric probes straight into time courses of millivolt values. Image Analyst MKII provides the mitochondrial membrane potential measurement technology developed by Akos Gerencser and colleagues ( 17). This is supported by protocols for image acquisition, and an interactive protocol for image and data processing using the intuitive Membrane Potential Calibration Wizard dialog.

Pipeline automation of fluorescence microscopy image analysis

Automate image analysis
with simple pipeline design

   Over a hundred functions can be automated by simple, drag-and-drop, flowchart based pipelines. 118 built-in, menu-accessible pipelines support many basic and advanced image processing tasks and a variety of biological applications. Routine pipeline usage is greatly simplified by using pipeline parameters to control key image processing functions within the pipeline. For basic use, the user sees only these key parameters, but all built-in pipelines can be edited and arbitrarily modified.

What`s New?

Image Analyst MKII - Publications
Publication Alert

The complete protocol for ΔψM, ΔψP and mito:cell volume fraction assays have been published:
Unbiased Millivolts Assay of Mitochondrial Membrane Potential in Intact Cells. In Methods in Molecular Biology

  • Sample and media preparation
  • Fluorescence microscopy recording
  • Image and data analysis
  • Troubleshooting
Image Analyst MKII - Release

Release of version 4.1.1

  • New features and improvements under the hood
  • New histometry/cytometry, foci & aggregates, micro densitometry pipelines
  • New interactive analysis protocols
  • and more...
Image Analyst MKII - Publications

Publication Alert

The mitochondrial permeability transition pore activates the mitochondrial unfolded protein response and promotes aging. eLife 2021;10:e63453

  • Mitochondrial shape changes were visualized and analyzed
Image Analyst MKII - Publications

Publication Alert

Superoxide produced by mitochondrial site IQ inactivates cardiac succinate dehydrogenase and induces hepatic steatosis in Sod2 knockout mice. Free Radic Biol Med . 2021 Feb 20;164:223-232

  • The pipeline optimize was used to create a sensitive quantification of fat droplets
  • Succinate dehydrogenase activity was analyzed using micro densitometry
Image Analyst MKII - Publications

Publication Alert

Natural Genetic Variation in Yeast Reveals That NEDD4 Is a Conserved Modifier of Mutant Polyglutamine Aggregation. G3 (Bethesda). 2018 Nov 6;8(11):3421-3431

  • Automated analysis of microplate imaging data set
  • Measurement of protein aggregation
Image Analyst MKII - Highlights

Feature highlight

Pipeline Optimizer: The Pipeline Optimizer finds optimal parameters of a pipeline that achieve a user defined goal.